The Story of Samara-Bengali movie by Rikia Masudo Hi guy’s, good news for all horror movie lovers. At first horror movie in Bangladesh making by Rikia Masudo .this the   world-class movie adventure ‘The Story of Samara’. Director Rikia Masudo is a Bangladeshi descent Japanese citizen. He has been studying the media and Movies in Japan. He has gained reputation in Japan film industries for ‘Romio Julet’,’The Last Friends’, ‘Rich Women pure Man’ And several other movies after creating a reputation that is achieved. All ready shooting is ruining.

 The Story of Samara-Bengali movie by Rikia MasudoIn these movies main five characters are acting Potential five Artists. They are Indian princes and Miss Bangladesh Jannatul ferdaush pia, the Ramp world especially bubbling Model and actress Shiba, Lawn Super Star at-2012 Prosun Azad, Mr. Bangladesh in 2007 Shanju and the popular hero of the Dhallywood film Industries Aman Khan. Also starring in the movies is special role ATM Shamsuzzaman, Kabila, citrolekha Guho and D.J phami.

The Story of Samara-Bengali movie by Rikia MasudoRikia Masudo wants to create a world-class movie for all kind of man in Bangladesh. He said that the world’s movie industry is Developed, in keeping with the modern technology will create the ‘story of Samara’. This movie appears in many countries in the world to Bangladesh. The movie is produced bharateng.

Occasion of the movie Showdown the managing director of Producer of Bharateng J Alam khan has said that world class The Story of Samara-Bengali movie by Rikia Masudomovie making in “Dhallywood film industries are my dream. The dream is reality Must be turned I decided to making the movie ‘Samara’. Now the young directors are quite amazing. Rikia masudo has heavy experience the film was made ​​in Japan. Hopefully he’ll be able to build a world-class movie.




Director: Rikia Masudo

Producer: bharateng

Genre: adventure

Movie name: The Story of Samara

Language: Bengali

Release date: 2014



  • Jannatul ferdaush pia,
  • Shiba
  • Prosun Azad
  • Shanju
  • Aman Khan
  • ATM Shamsuzzaman
  • Kabila
  • Citrolekha Guho and D.J phami.