Hi, gays have good news for all. Upcoming a new Bengali movie Mts sen actors Retuporna sengupta& Rohit Roy. Shooting place in beautiful Thailand & Kolkata


Anuradha (Retuporna sen gupta) and Shomnath (Rohito roy) acting movies Mts sen They have no chilled. Shomnath who is more than time stay in abroad. For this reason Anuradha feel me. She have also pain for lacking of chilled. Suddenly one night a phone comes from abroad that shomnath is accident by being driving car. Anuradha not go foreign country. So she made a new passport and go to abroad.‘Mrs Sen’ new Bengali movie(2013) Rituparna &Rohit Roy

There are various problems were faced by anuradha. There are she gets a shock of her life as her husband Shomnath has one more wife extra-marital with Sohini. Sohini role played by Bolly beauty (Hrishitaa Bhatt).next at first Anuradha face with shohini. From this situation anuradha achieve maturity intelligence, wish, denied and others.

The people are said that Anuradha is a star. She is a star as she fill wish others human being. The major part of the movie shooting in Thailand. Over the entire movie is wonderful. The first day of the shootting saw Agnidev can a few flashback scenes with Rohit &Ritu.  Rohit’s third film with Ritu after ‘Vhorer Alo’ and Mittal vs Mittal.

‘Mrs Sen’ new Bengali movie(2013) Rituparna &Rohit RoyAlready retuporna sengupta much kind of celebrity movies acted. As for example Mittal vs Mittal-2010, ‘Mrs Sen’ new Bengali movie(2013) Rituparna &Rohit RoyAnuranan-2006, Don’t know why-2010, Bumm Bumm bole-2010,Main ‘Mrs Sen’ new Bengali movie(2013) Rituparna &Rohit RoyMeri Patni Aur….2005, Love Khichdi-2009, Life Exprsess 2010, Aalaap-2012, Gauri The Unborn-2007.

Director: Agnideb Chatterjee,

Producer by: Pankaj Agarwal

Music: Indradeep Dasgupta

Genre: Drama

Release: 2013


  • Rituparna Sengupta
  • Rohit Roy
  • Rishita Bhatt
  • Sankar chakrabarty
  • Biplab Chatterjee
  • Usashi chakrabarty
  • Anusuya Majumder