Last Thursday evening was the memorable moment of director and story writer of the movie ‘Rupgawal’ Habibur Rahman Habib. Because it is first time of his life noncutting sensors certificate from the board of the sensor.

Director habibur rahman has said that I have a lot of trouble to create the movie. I was really very happy for when each member of the sensor board has said that the movie is very excellent.  However, I will more please when the visitors will have to go theater and see in the movie.

Movie ‘Rupgawal' Bangladeshi upcoming (2013) Shimla & Niloy

Movie ‘Rupgawal’ Bangladeshi upcoming (2013) Shimla & Niloy

Actually director continues the movie about mentality of human Bing. Hero ‘Niloy’ acting an orphan boy character in the movie. He is a hawker (feriwala).Opposite acting (heroin) Shimla in this movie. Niloy said that I am very happy for uncourting certified. More one a very nice movie will have seen the viewers. Audience every request, if you will see the movie in theater.

Heroin in these movies Shimla said that the story of the movies is so good. I tried hard and soul Make my character enhanced I tried hard and soul.

In this movies also played by Champa, Masum Aziz, Debasish Roy, anwar shahi. Music director ali akbor rupu& noor polash. Play back singer are this movie sabina yasmin, momotaz, rinku, salma & parvez. Sponsored by‘shikor’ film. The movie director known us ‘Rupgawal’ movie will be release May 2013.


Director: Habibur Rahman Habib

Music director: ali akbor rupu& noor polash

Sponsored by: shikor film


  • Niloy
  • Shimla
  • Champa
  • Masum Aziz
  • Debasish Roy
  • anwar shahi

Play back singer:

  • sabina yasmin
  • Momotaz
  • Rinku
  • Salma
  • Parvez

Movie name: ‘Rupgawal’

Release date: May 2013.