Gogol is not normal detective – which hold things like compass, amplifier glass, a tab and other things which come in handy when he goes to solve cases and he is also an expert in karate. Though the story was initially written in the 70s, it has been contemporarized to make it more appealing to the younger generation. ‘Goenda Gogol’ Bengali movie by Arindam Dey full movie

The movie is founded on the story – ‘Sonali Parer Rahasya’ and it’s time for Gogol to visit Puri. He goes to Puri to spend summer holidays with his parents, who has just returned from U.S.A and come diagonally Mandar Villa or ‘Hanabari’ as it is better known. A deserted and spiritual house, it catches Gogol’s attention from one day as he had heard about it long ago.

His inquisitive move him to where Neil Senapati, a skep; who trie his best to move Gogol away. Ultimately Gogol is kidnapped by Neil at Hanabari but is later released by Ashok Thakur, a personal detective who is nearly following the

improvement, and is after Neil Senapati who activity out to be Amrit – a notorious drug smuggler who had kidnapped Gogol as he suspicious Gogol to be in authority of a uncommon diamond, a ‘Shah diamond’, one of three left in the world which had been passed on to Gogol’s bag by one of Amrit’s men without Gogol’s knowledge.‘Goenda Gogol’ Bengali movie by Arindam Dey full movie

The movie is an wonderful watch for chicks and starts on an appropriate note when families of traveler who enter Mandarvilla or Hanabari are shown to get bumped off and along with it comes a suitable background tune which again we hear at the end as well hus indicating the start and end of this mystery movie.




Director: Arindam Dey

Producer: Ishani Films

Studio: Ishani Films

Storyline: The adventures of a boy detective

Release Date: May 2013



  • Actor: Ahijit Ghosh
  • Saheb Chattopadhyay,
  • Rachana Banerjee, Indraneel Sengupta,
  • Sumit Samaddar,
  • Ankita,
  • Debdut Ghosh,